"The second piece was I will fly like a bird, by composer John Plant and librettist J. Andrew Wainwright. This was a fully staged production of a concert opera that debuted in Halifax in May 2012 about the death of Robert Dziekanski after being tasered by police at Vancouver airport. The orchestra, on stage behind the singers, provided much more than accompaniment, even contributing vocal counterpoint. The clarinet of Dominic Desautels was an outstanding addition to The Blue Engine String Quartet and the piano playing of composer John Plant. Baritone Clayton Kennedy as Dziekanski gave a formidably dramatic performance. Mezzo-soprano Marcia Swanston, as his mother, portrayed the intense burden of unbearable maternal grief eloquently and beautifully. The stage was creatively set to suggest clouds in the sky, or the wings of a plane, one which much of the libretto was projected. This exquisite opera deserves repeated outings." - Daphna Leavit, Opera Canada, fall 2015


"...le baryton Clayton Kennedy livra un Offertorium particulièrement puissant."


"Kennedy and Swanston were perfectly suited to their roles vocally and flawlessly balanced. They could not reach each other yet powerfully conveyed their hope and longing to do so."
-Daphna Leavit, Opera Canada, winter 2012


"...sang powerfully... with considerable mastery of diction."
-The Chronicle Herald