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Sea Songs - La Nef

May 11, 2016

Capstand shanties, halyard shanties, laments, forecastle songs, short haul shanties, songs and music to accompany work and play.  Inspired by this tradition of maritime music, Seán Dagher has arranged these songs and tunes to display all the warmth and depth they deserve. Music from England, Scotland, Ireland, the Americas, and the Carabbean sung by a chorus of seven male voices, a powerful instrument indeed. All aboard!

Ensemble La Nef:

Seán Dagher, voice, cittern; Nils Brown, voice; Michiel Schrey, voice Clayton Kennedy, voice; David Gossage, flutes, voice; Nelson Carter, violin, percussion, voice; Andrew Horton, double bass, voice.

Winner of 2015 Prix Opus, Création de l'année for "Leave her Johnny", Sean Dagher.

Details to come... ***time and location TBD.